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If you only plan to use a USB Webcam, you can modify the command below to suit your needs. , you can compile everything that comes with MJPG-Streamer.I chose to just install what was necessary to save on storage space and resources.I'm a patch work tonite , I dont know what to do ......................

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I tried the little bottle of soothing whatever lotion and it didnt take the residue that is left off, tryed some sanitary hand cleaner , nope, dont work , I even tryed Hopps # 9 shotgun cleaning solution and it wont cut the damm wax and now evry time I bend over my dick sticks to my belly , and then it hurts to pull it back off , I look like a damm skunk with a white stripe up my belly from the base of my cock and now the skin has turned all red and looks like a damm strawberry and I have the stuff on my fingers and if I touch anywhere it just sticks to it. ever .....again , so hope you and _ _ _ _ _ understand , but Ill leave the waxing to someone else , oh, if we ever cam, dont look at my cock, its not prettypeter any more , its hedious with the hair strip missing ................

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