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“I used to jog there in the late 1980s and I met a man with a gun.It was clear he was there to shoot somebody and it was really quite alarming. But now it’s the Olympic Park and it’s all been fantastically poshed up.Originally three bridges, dating from 1859 and engineered by Sir John Fowler, 1866 and engineered by Sir Charles Fox, and 1907.The bridges were five arch wrought iron, but were rebuilt in 1967 to designs by Freeman Fox & Partners, with the original piers encased in concrete and the arches replaced with ten steel spans.While everyone else was enjoying Halloween festivities, the pair stayed in at her suburban home cooking and playing with her two dogs. There aren't any pictures from the low-key rendezvous, but the actress did post this photo on Instagram, which seems very reflective of her weekend with her new beau.

Utilitarian in design, the bridge nevertheless has some decoration, consisting mainly of golden galleons and coats of arms on the lamp stands at the ends of the bridge.A steel and granite arch bridge, it was designed by Sir Alexander Binnie and opened in 1906.It is decorated by monumental bronze statues designed by Alfred Drury and Frederick Pomeroy, symbolising agriculture, architecture, engineering and pottery on the upstream piers, with science, fine arts, local government and education on the downstream piers.Charles Saumarez Smith, secretary and chief executive of the Royal Academy of Arts, is sitting in his Stepney dining room telling me how he came to start his blog.It all began about three-and-a-half years ago, he says, when he was walking along the towpath of the River Lea in Stratford.

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This was not such an uncommon practice for gunmakers of that period. Marchant, who was in charge of the cartridge loading works just after the second world war, recalled being told that in the Shrewsbury Road period the family could only afford to sit down to one meat meal per week on a Sunday.

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