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The intake lobe center is at approximately 102-103°.

• Dynacam Plus also allows the design of a cam-driven fourbar or sixbar linkage or slider follower train and can share data with program Linkages so that the cam-driven linkage designed in Dynacam can be dynamically analyzed in Linkages.• Norton's latest book, Automotive Milestones is now available for order at

work to install, great drop-in for stock motors, rough equivalent to factory WLDR cam, works well with your stock exhaust cams, mild timing requires only minor carburetor mixture adjustments. This cam is too mild for maximum power in a stroker engine, but a possible choice for a heavy trike where low to mid-range power is more important.

Intake Cam Set, 45; 298º/.357”, hot, better top-end power than 25505-10R (above), streetable with high compression, large carburetor & our big valves for major power boost, requires minor (.040” maximum) valve spring & valve pocket clearancing especially with big intake valves, use with 25515-10R exhaust cams.

I was in a situation where I recently had a debit card expire and it took me by surprise when I was trying to order Domino’s pizza online.

I don’t keep cash on me, so what’s a guy supposed to do when he wants some pizza?

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