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For many, personal grooming isn’t just a ‘personal’ choice, but instead, a routine that they’ve come to love.

Young boys have watched their fathers pick their brushes, form foamy lathers, and positioning the blades at a precise angle to achieve the closest shave.

Approximately 20 custom homesites are available, including 7 Villas at Pinney’s Beach.

FSR Estates Ltd also offers previously owned homes for sale through our real-estate division.

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The art of wet shaving originated centuries ago, where skilled barbers offered grooming services with straight razors (also known as cut throat razors).

Today, the art of personal grooming has since been brought to our own homes.

The thing that sets us most apart from the other millionaire dating sites is that a staggering 82% of our members are University-educated.

Anyone who's ever straddled an engine-powered two-wheeler knows that motorcycles are more than mere modes of transportation. They're fantastic symbols that quickly convey a look, feeling and lifestyle.01 (Chicara Art)Despite almost dying on a motorcycle as a teenager, Japanese designer Chicara Nagata has chosen to create exquisite iterations of them for a living.

His first bike, the Chicara Art 01, was formed around a 1939 Harley Davidson U Motor flathead engine and a vintage 3-speed transmission from the same year.

In the eyes of their sons, wet shaving was a ritual that marked their foray into adulthood.

Though some may have forsaken the art of a wet shave for a quick, dry shave, there is a growing number of gentlemen who’ve not only grown accustomed to grooming themselves every morning, but are die-hards who believe that the first shave can very much set the tone for the day.

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