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Through Billie the author tackles cultural appropriation (which Bille calls "ethnic borrowing" in the beauty and fashion industry and maybe it's just because of the rise of the Internet and public intellectuals and blogging but it had honestly never occurred to me that people were having these conversations pre-Twitter.That demonstrates my ignorance and I was happy to be enlightened while also being sad that white gaze still has so much power over beauty standards.Race is the "Chief Funstigator" of his Online Company, LOVES cheese, and has hosted a radio show on dating and relationships on Sirius Satellite Radio..he makes all his money from his laptop while travelling the globe...Adam has a pirate-themed birthday every year, loves to ride his longboard, once hurt his knee giving two girls a piggyback ride at the same time..also makes all his money from his laptop while travelling the globe...When Billie talked about hustling and playing the game, what she really meant was that she was ambitious. She set high goals for herself and met them, exceeded them. One Sentence Review: A diverting read that is excellently paced and notable for both its now-outdated culture references and relevant social commentary on a number of topics ranging from class to fashion to race with a distinctive (in the best way possible) narrative voice. Especially when celebrities use the term, I just find it ridiculous (excluding those who actually came up from nothing as opposed to those born to famous parents, etc etc) and Ms. If you're thinking this quote is a bit heavy and shying away from this novel, never fear.But the bottom line was that she had been born into a supportive, loving, comfortably middle-class family that took care of her and nurtured her and provided as security blanket. This quote is expertly woven into a romp of a read that straddles the line between light and social commentary.YOU…and how you, too can pick up and travel the globe any time you like, (exactly as my friends and I are doing right now) with just a laptop and a cellphone, once you know the 7 simple steps I'm going to reveal to you on my 60 minute "crash course in freedom" CD! In fact The first time out for my "big experiment" in travelling the globe while making money from my laptop, I made 3 BIG mistakes. Not specializing, and not knowing where the biggest, easiest "cash pockets" are to be found are very, very common mistakes. Well, the opposite of Un-Specialized is obviously TO Specialize.

Sun filtering through golden leaves sets the mood for quiet talks.

ave you ever wondered what it would really be like to travel the world with nothing but a laptop and a backpack, hopping from exotic location to exotic location, while money gets automatically deposited into your paypal account (so you can keep on travelin') every single night? However If you're like me (again) you've found that the exact way to actually make that happen for you is elusive, to say the least. Is there a simple, step-by-step plan you can follow?

Have you ever wondered if it's really possible to "escape 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich"..your name doesn't happen to be Tim Ferris? I wondered the same thing...until the day I discovered the "key" that let ME live the dream too..spades. It's true..you're anything like me, you've been following pioneers like Tim Ferris & Anthony Robbins for years…dreaming of being able to design your life exactly how you want it, quit your J. B., and then find a way to get PAID to live your Ultimate Lifestyle. Sure, you've read the books...watched the videos..the blogs. Or is it all buried in mounds and mounds of text that will take you 3 years just to sort through, digest and then start "experimenting" with all these crazy ideas yourself? You see, over the past few years, while the IDEA of packing your worldly belongings into a backpack, hitting the road, and becoming a world traveller while earning your living from your Mac or PC ...stopping at charming European Cafes to tap out a blog post...coming up with your next digital product idea while sipping a mai tai in a hammock over a sandy beach..getting money dumped into your paypal account long-distance, has become more and more enticing...there's a problem.

A chilly rainy day is not lonely when shared with a sweetheart.

discovery of inner feelings Quiet strolls around a deserted campus lead to lasting friend- ships.

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