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Their range of emotions mirrors ours -- they, too, experience fear, rage, envy, disgust, love and affection, like we do --- but at a much higher, more intense level.And within this rarefied existence, there is a select group of super-sensitive men, 15 thespian masters who feel and convey their emotions with greater intensity than anyone else alive.And somehow he is even more swoon-worthy as a man than he was as a teen. Edward Norton Age: 42 Must-See Performances: "The Illusionist" (2006); "Fight Club" (1999); "American History X" (1998) Intensity Factor: Ever since his scene-stealing debut performance in "Primal Fear," Norton has proven he's a Method actor willing to alter his body, speech patterns, even his gait to match a character's personalities.Hollywood seems to like you if you have a dysfunctional body part.The lanky Queens-born thespian is an expert at completely taking on his characters – the evil ones, the insane ones and the deeply troubled ones, like his prisoner-of-war in "The Deer Hunter." 10.Leonardo Di Caprio Age: 37 Must-See Performances: "Inception" (2010); "The Departed" 2006); "The Aviator" (2004); "Romeo Juliet" (1996) Intensity Factor: He may have started his career a baby-faced adolescent heartthrob who could make all the girls swoon, but he evolved into one of (or arguably THE) best actor of his generation, nailing intense performances in epic romances, biopics and mob dramas alike.He pulled out this dog-eared, stapled and notated script that he had read.

Tom Hanks has had a pretty busy year, starring in three different films, hosting “Saturday Night Live” and was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.It’s true, I’ve been hired quite a few times because of my hook nose with a huge bump on it.It was a nice nose once, but a bully broke it for me in high school. It healed up, bit the end result was it looked like a long hook nose.READ MORE: ‘Sully’ Review: Tom Hanks Is a Hero In Clint Eastwood’s Drama, But the Crash Is the Real Star of the Show “He treats his actors like horses,” says Hanks, “because when he did the 60s series ‘Rawhide,’ the director would shout ‘Action! So when he’s in charge, he says in a really quiet soft voice, ‘All right, go ahead,’ and instead of shouting ‘Cut!’ he says ‘That’s enough of that.’ It’s intimidating as hell!

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While not something we espouse or encourage anyone to be, some reads require an intimidating delivery.

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