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Yet Joburg holds a great many opportunities for romance.Here are some ideas to help you plan your perfect date night in Johannesburg.

Wait until you are an established couple before you bring her to your neighborhood Cheers type bar.

VIP ENTRANCE TO CLUB POIZON Introducing a Winter Special.

702's Xolani Gwala spoke of a new social media trend called ' Blesserfinder', social media platforms where girls are allegedly matched with rich 'benefactors' in exchange for sex.

Be sure to tour the terraced Rose Garden, with its many fountains and pools, as an especially romantic spot. Gold Reef City has a host of rides, including the tallest and quickest inverted rollercoaster in Africa.

You can even arrange for a boat ride on the neighbouring Emmarentia Dam. There’s also a standard rollercoaster that exerts the most G-force of any coaster in the world.

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  1. The maze of canals bordered by thatch, willows and oaks entangled in lianas, offers the perfect breeding ground for countless species of birds, some of them from as far away as China and Africa.