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Reale claims that, if for Nazists the racial issue rest on biological factors linked to the myth of a pure Aryan race, in Fascism, 1938 laws are the result of a political calculation, that was consistent with the functioning of the nationalist state and therefore more based on political/cultural principles than of “blood”.

With this book, Luigi Reale presents to the Anglo-Saxon public an aspect of Italian history almost unknown at an international level and too often filtered through stereotyped images of Italians during the War and of the alleged softness of Fascist Regime.

Already from the cover, the author makes the aim of the book very clear, infact, above the title there is the picture of two Italian women inside Mauthausen nazi lager.

Housemates would get a task to do so that they can get food. The series was developed by Endemol, and the first season was shown in the Netherlands.

The show's format has since been copied in over forty countries, including Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, United Kingdom (see Big Brother UK 2008) and US.

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