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No one is going to vote for Michael and Holly over Graham and Michelle." But it ended up [working out for them].lose it for them, which it's pretty easy to do in that house.Drama often steals the spotlight from romance with the amount of catfights, name-calling, and tears that ensue.After all, real people looking for love on reality TV can get tricky.Read on for more about what went down, what viewers didn't see and why Harrison "isn't buying what Vienna is selling." What did you think when Holly and Michael chose Graham and Michelle to join them in the finale?Chris Harrison: I thought it was another one of the dumbest decisions., but he lost something far more important--the love of his life, Holly Durst.Michael was blindsided on the season finale by never-before-seen footage of his co-star, Blake Julian, proposing to his ex-fiancée, Holly. "It's hard to say goodbye to somebody when you still love her." Michael and Holly were engaged in June 2010 but Holly had second thoughts and called off the wedding six months later.

Some things I would like to clarify: First is that I am sorry. (Not WHAOW this time, haha) Hard to know what to feel or write after watching that.There is obviously A LOT to go over, and I want to cover all of it, I apologize if this gets lengthy.Check out his song, “Find You.” There’s also a video of him on Youtube telling a cute story about his babysitting days. Stagliano also promised to post more videos this week on his Youtube channel.

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From the time we kissed till the time I left (in real time) was 8 or 9 days. While some of the other couples were talking about post-show relationships, Rachel and I had not.

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